Working in Australia


Because of the people and the lifestyle. The vast majority of people who choose to come to Australia do so because of the lifestyle and high standard of living that Australia offers. From the city to the outback, Australia is a spectacular country for work and play.

No after hour work is required and our doctors are not on call, we work with your lifestyle by providing flexible working hours and a great work life balance.

Australia also has an excellent health care system with advanced facilities and medical infrastructure. Many doctors choose to move to Australia because of the opportunities for career development.

In addition, Australia is a growing centre for medical research with rapidly increasing resources targeted to this.

The major provider of healthcare services in Australia is the Public Health System (Medicare). This is a comprehensive free-of-charge healthcare service for all Australian citizens covering both hospital-based and community-based medical services.

Radiology and pathology services have been corporatised in Australia in recent years and so digital radiology, image distribution systems, extremely rapid pathology investigations, same-day reporting etc are all normal practice in Australia.

Healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses hold far greater power and authority in Australia within the hospital system than is usually found in other countries. Professional groups representing nurses and doctors are very strong here, with most of the hospital directors and senior managerial staff being doctors and nurses themselves who are keen to protect the interests of healthcare workers.

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